Supervised contact

TNS staff will be responsible for observing and recording supervised contact between a child or children and a non-resident parent. Notes will be written by hand during each session which can be between 1 and 6 hours and a report can be provided as part of the service. Staff have good observational and writing skills and a clear understanding of child safeguarding and stages of child development. We work directly with children, foster carers, resident and non-resident parents to promote meaningful and safe contact time. 

Legal/Appropriate adult support

TNS staff are trained to act as appropriate adult and this service is included in the programme.

Our staff equally have a clear understanding in regards to the immigration process for Unaccompanied Ayslum seeking children and liaise directly with the Home office and solicitors to ensure that the young person’s needs are met and that the Local authority are fulfilling their statutory duties in this area.



TNS offers specialist advocacy to support the young person to explain their symptoms of trauma and abuse thus allowing them to receive the most appropriate intervention.

Life coaching, anger management and mindfulness

TNS offers access to programmes created to have a positive impact on the neurology of the young people in our care:


  • Life coaching highlights methods in which young people can visualise positive goals for themselves; 

  • Anger management enables young people to work on prevention methods to cope with uncontrollable outbursts of anger:

  • Mindfulness and meditation is used to systematically change attitudes to allow young people to become more focused and positive.

Activity based intervention

Including music production and instrument tuition, sports activities (including Mixed Martial Arts instruction, circuit training and team centred games) ecological activities and out of area group visits. 

Silent Worship and Meditation
Music Amplifier Repair
Basketball Court
Crossfit Class
Horse Training
Golden Gate Park
Fitness Instructor
Music Studio