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Prescriptive risk management


Our fundamental aim is to protect and ensure the safety of the young people in our care.  

To assist us in facilitating this, we utilise a robust and extensive risk management plan and adopt a multidisciplinary systemic approach to ensure that all agencies are working together and communicating effectively. TNS care uses a bespoke toolkit which is impended into daily procedures making the support we deliver preventative and proactive.

Case Management

TNS Case Managers have small caseloads, enabling them to provide an intense, almost daily influence on the Young Person. Our Case Managers are supported by a dedicated in house team of support workers, key workers and therapists. Case review meetings are held internally to ensure Case Managers are working with a systemic approach together with Social Services and any external agencies.The Implementation of the YP care plan is managed by the Case Manager which includes engaging the Young Person in the TNS Independence Programme

Due to the frequent engagement needed for young people with high support needs the case managers focus is on supporting the Social Worker’s remit and reducing the need for their input on the daily management of the case.


We are fully aware that the economic climate has had an impact on budgets, scrutinising resources available to young people as well as increasing case loads to social workers. TNS will not only be responsible for outstanding day to day care to the young people in placement but will also ensure that legislation within the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 is followed and evidenced. This will help support and assist social workers with their statutory tasks so that it can provide them with space to undertake direct work with the young people. As part of our commitment to the young person and the Local Authority TNS will complete weekly reports alongside fully compliant pathway plans that the social workers can use to measure strengths and weaknesses, apply targets and time scales for improvements moving forward.

Integrated Psychotherapeutic care

TNS will match and engage adolescent psychotherapists to deliver “informal” therapy which will be integrated into the young person’s daily support. Solutions focused targeted therapy will be used to support the young person to learn to cope and positively function in society. TNS therapists also work closely with the staff team and contribute to team meetings and Case Conferences so that the whole team around the young person is able to identify the young person’s triggers and how to manage the behaviours stemming from this. Understanding the reasons behind the behaviour reduces the risk of placement breakdowns.

Maintain a healthy and Safe environment

In order to maintain the high level of health and safety in the young peoples accommodation, as well as provide them with a comfortable home, our health & safety checks and maintenance support far exceeds the average support received from a typical property maintenance company or landlord thereby ensuring that the standards of care are always achieved. 


Each property is supported by CCTV monitoring in the communal areas (entrance and hallways only), as a valuable safeguarding tool, ensuring that any vulnerability or risk management issues of young people are captured and managed swiftly and efficiently. 


Our bespoke system around information sharing ensures that the highest level of safeguarding and supervision is in place and supports TNS to be able to accept young people directly out of secure institutions and children’s homes and who may be at risk of absconding, CSE, harm from their families and affiliations etc.
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